Prakriti provides a warm & nurturing environment - a home away from home, a unique ambience, stimulating and orderly environment without overpowering the child's senses & cluttering their simple minds
a home away
from home
Our Approach
Prakriti is a Waldorf Kindergarten with a vision for the development of the "Whole child" i.e the body, mind and soul or simply the 3 H - The Head, The Heart and The Hands
Prakriti is a
Waldorf Kindergarten
are open to Prakriti for 2019-20.
If you want your little one to have a stress-free and experiential learning environment, look no further. Prakriti is the best bet for your li'l angel.
Sadhana Indian Waldorf Kindergarten Association
Invites one and all - Waldorf teachers, heads of schools & new initiatives for a regional meet & greet and interactive program
Sunday November 10, 2019
Date: Sunday November 10, 2019 Time: 9.30 am to 1.00 pm Venue: Prakriti Waldorf Kindergarten Contact: Latha on 984503006/Jyotsana on 9900519532 Email:
A platform to share, discuss and support our existing Waldorf Kindergarten community and also guide new impulses of the Southern region who wish to understand and work with the guiding philosophy of Rudolf Steiner on Early Childhood Education

Prakriti Waldorf kindergarten
follows the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Come attend the open day to understand the importance of Waldrof early childhood education.

please contact
9886730690 / 9845039996.
The session will be conducted
by Ms Latha Madhusudhan,
Founder and Principal, Prakriti

of a child's life are the most crucial for its basic development, for that is the time when the foundation is laid for walking, finding the bodily equilibrium, talking and communicating. The seeds of independent thinking and memory begin to germinate at this stage.

School Culture

3 R's: Reverence, Repetition & Rhythm

3 H's: Head, Heart & Hands

We Nurture

The intellect, psyche and spiritual unfolding of the child.

Our Environment

non-competitive, non- combative, Unique in ambiance

A cozy home away from home

We stress on the most natural rhythms of life

We are inspired by the Rudolf Steiner Philosophy

Parent Education

A blend of ethnicity and culture for holistic development